Word 2003 docx und winzige Kommentare

Word 2003 zeigt in Verbindung mit .docx Dateien ein merkwürdiges Verhalten: Die Kommentare sind nicht lesbar, da die Schrift winzig ist.
Schuld daran ist eine Schriftgrösse von 1, die sich leider nur gut versteckt ändern lässt. Dazu muss man unter dem Menüpunkt Format->Formatvorlagen und Formatierung die Formatvorlagenleiste öffnen. In dieser findet sich unten eine Listbox “Anzeigen”
In dieser den Punkt “Benutzerdefiniert” auswählen und im erscheinenden Dialog “Formatierungen” ein Häckchen bei “Sprechblasentext” machen:

Jetzt kann in der Formatvorlagenleiste die Vorlage Sprechblasentext ausgewählt werden und per rechter Maustaste “Ändern” die Schriftgrösse auf ein lesbares Maß eingestellt werden:

Mercurial, MercurialEclipse, TortoiseHg and SSH Server with Win7

There is problem with the Usercredentials passed by MercurialEclipse to a remote SSH repository. There are two ways to fix this issue, one is to authenticate with a public/private keypair and the use of TortoisePlink/PuttyPlink, the other way is to install openSSh on the Windows machine with cygwin and the openSSH package.

I decided to use the public/private Key authentication with Plink because it’s more comfortable in conjunction with Pageant because you only need to give your password only once, despite if youre using Tortoise or Eclipse. Here is the HowTo:

1. Set up the public/private key authentication as described in the Post here.

### To get TortoiseHg working: ###
2. Find out the path to TortoisePlink.exe. It should be located in your TortoiseHg install directory
3. Locate the path to your private key file (.ppk)
4. To tell TortoiseHg and MercurialEclipse to connect with ssh and the public/private keypair you need to add a config value in
the mercurial.ini. Edit it via TortoiseHg -> File -> Settings -> Edit File and add the following lines
username = dwasser
ssh=”C:\Programme\TortoiseHg\TortoisePlink.exe” -ssh -agent -i “C:\Dev\Putty\dwasser.ppk”

Here is a screenshot of the EditFile dialog (be careful, use the String above it contains the -agent property which means that Pageant should be used)

Sometimes there is some trouble with the Windowspath to TortoisePlink.exe. If so, extend your Path Variable to the
Tortoise directory and set the ssh value in the mercurial.ini to:
ssh=TortoisePlink.exe -ssh -agent -i “C:\Dev\Putty\dwasser.ppk”

This is important, because this configuration will be used by TortoiseHg


MercurialEclipse. It tells the Applications to use TortoisePlink as “ssh bridge”.
If you want to use cygwin with openSSH, install it, add the folder cygwin/bin to the PATH variable
of Windows and use the following configuration instead : ssh = C:\yourpathto\cygwin\bin\ssh

5. Now all Actions should work. For example you should be able to clone a repository by clicking
File -> clone and enter an Url in this way ssh://dwasser@ . Don’t forget to mask the slashes!!

### To get MercurialEclipse working: ###
6. Nothing special here, just create a new Project of type mercurial and enter the URL. Also use an Url of this type: ssh://dwasser@

Pin connections of the Winterhalter GS 24 electronic program control

The last Days I had to repair a Winterhalter GS24 commercial glasswashing machine. Some cleaner liquid got into the electronic program control called EPS 1.1 V2.0;(part number: 31 05 132):

I was not able to get a connection scheme of the machine for which reason I had to discover the connections by my self. Here is a list of the connections:

A2 -> detergent dispenser
A4 -> rinse aid dispenser
A5 -> control lamp “cleaning”
A7 -> main pump
A10 -> fresh water valve

E1 -> tank fill level
E2 -> door contact & tank heating (thermostat)
E3 -> start button
E6 -> boiler thermostat (clear water tank)

The other connections where unused in my machine (model without AquaMatik). They should be connected in more equipped machines.