Problems with redeployment using MyEclipse 7.5

Two weeks ago I upgraded to MyEclipse 7.5 and run into problems with the automatic server redeployment. The webprojects automatic deployment copies class and configuration files of required projects into the projects .war.
With all the wrong classes in the deployment, my webserver crashes while starting.
This happens despite a correct configuration of MyEclipse.
The deployment configuration is set to:
“Ignore dependent Java projects” but the DeploymentBuilder shows the behavior of the
“Use Smart Deployment for dependent Java projects” configuration. (see
Obviously MyEclipse ignores the configuration…

I searched around and there seems to be a problem with the
Unfortunately MyEclipse is not OpenSource and I can’t fix the problem by my own..
So I post the Problem to MyEclipse. If you have similar problems, follow the Thread here

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