Remove Trend Micro Usb Security from Transcend Memory Stick

I bought a Transcend memory stick and tried to use it in my mac. The stick is described as compatible to OS X but I was not able to use the stick out of the box. This is caused by the stupid software which is installed on my stick. First of all the stick is write protected and Transcend installed a Trend Micro Virus Scanner which is mounted as CD drive.
The removal of this combination took hours of my time.
After searching around i found the solution on where it is described in this thread>>
For me Damians post worked with windows 7 on my bootcamp partition:

  1. Plug in the Stick and start the Trend Micro stuff. This removes the write protection
  2. Download the OnlineRecovery tool from Transcend (download) , only this version worked on Win 7
  3. Disable UAC :
    – User Control Panel from Start Menu -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safety -> User Account
    – Set the controller to “Never Notify”
    – restart the machine
  4. Insert the stick and start the OnlineRecovery tool
  5. ReInsert the stick when the program prompts for it
  6. Press cancel when the program asks for the drive size -> the virtual CD drive is removed
  7. If you want to remove the virtual CD partition open the console via Start -> cmd and do the following commands:
    type “diskpart”
    type “list disk” and note which one is your flash drive (by the size).
    type “select disk 2? or whatever the number was above
    type “clean” to wipe everything out on the disk.
    type “create partition primary”
    type “select partition 1?
    type “format fs=fat32 quick”
  8. Done – now you should reEnable the UAC

Many thanks to the all the guys from seasonsecurity.

I should have brought the stick back to my dealer..

8 thoughts on “Remove Trend Micro Usb Security from Transcend Memory Stick

  1. Thanks dude, its works perfectly, that Trend Micro USB Security is only a time consuming apps that disrupts the work flow of file transfer specially during meetings.

  2. Great stuff. Save me loads of time.
    Note: Once in diskpart when entered “clean” got “no write permissions on disk” or something similar so I did the partiotioning through windows Disk Management with no porblems.

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