Suunto T3D, Moveslink and Mac

These days I got an Suunto Movestick aka. PC-Pod. This combination is one of the possibilities to get the data of your Heartratemonitor on your Pc. I tried to connect my T3d with Movescount via the Movestick and a Macbook Pro (latest model) with OSX 10.6.6. The T3d shows “PC Transfer” on the clock for a while but nothing happens with the Movescount Software on my Mac…
First I installed the Software in my Bootcamp Windows 7 Prof. and checked this out. This wasn’t working either, so I changed the Batteries of the Watch and then it worked under Win. Anyway the OS X Version of Moveslink was not willing to work.
I found some entries in the Suunto and other forums regarding this issue but no solution was provided. So I started my own investigations and found out that the driver for the Movestick chipset should be the problem. In the Mac console a logentry indicates that the Movestick is recognized, it also can be seen under /Dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART, but Moveslink seems not to catch the “connected” event or rather listen to the information provided by the driver. The stick is shown as modem in my Network-connections.
Therefore I tried to install a newer driver, (should be a SiliconLabs CP2102 chip) from the SiliconLabs Website. This driver showed no reaction while trying to connect the Watch with the stick.

After spending an evening I decided to delete all drivers and Software and using VMWare and Windows… I informed the Suunto support – but didn’t get an answer yet.
It would have been too good to be true….

8 thoughts on “Suunto T3D, Moveslink and Mac

  1. I got an answer from Suunto in December saying that a solution should come sometime in January… today came a new web site… but still no solution for Mac.

  2. Hello Brice,
    i saw the announcement , suu..nto promised that it should be faster. I hope so because the last version was as slow as I run 😉 Overall I’m not very happy with this watch. There is no real possibility to see the heartrate over time and distance. Also the information displayed over and under the heartrate is to small and not readable while running. And – the mac software is buggy. Using it on the mac was the main reason why i bought the watch….

  3. Hello Daniel,

    as I don’t get any help from Suunto I’m considering selling everything on Ebay.

    I’m using Nike+ right now with my iPod and it works very fine… though I don’t get the heart rate.

    I’m very disappointed with Suunto … considering the price of the equipment and the mac-compatibility they announce on their site.

  4. Hello Brice,
    i sold the Suunto too and decided to buy a Garmin Forerunner 310. I use it for a week now and
    everything works as expected. I paired my Mac and the Forerunner via ANT stick in less than 5 minutes..
    Together with rubiTrack I’m able to view, store and analyze my trainings easily.
    I better bought the Forerunner directly – this would save me 100€…


  5. I have been running with the Suunto T3d for a few weeks now and it is already my favourite running watch out of all the watches that I have previously run with. I used to own a Garmin 405 and after struggling with it for a few months I decided to upgrade to something a bit more user friendly!

    Suunto T3d Review

  6. Great watch. I bought one after my old Garmin decided to stop working one month after the warranty ran out
    and I couldnt be happier!

    t3d Review

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