How to fix the Paper Jam 1 error on a Samsung CLX-3175 Printer

A few days ago my Samsung CLX-3175 started to jam all paper at the end of the printing process with a “Paper Jam 1” error message. First I though a there is a problem with the deflector roll at the back of the printer. But all of my tries to fix the problem lead to nothing…
Some searching in the net gave me a hint to a defect paper sensor. I found a thread at Techsupportforum which describes a potential solution. The fix isn’t that easy, so it is not recommendable for left-handed people. The description is also not very practicable and a bit too difficult for which reason I will post some pictures and a small description of what worked for me.

The problem is a Paper Exit Sensor with part number 0604001393 which can be ordered for about 6-10€.

It’s a simple IR light barrier which is located top-right above the fuser (seen from the backside of the printer). I think the sensor gets broken because it can’t stand the heat of the fuser. Here is a picture of what you need to fix the printer:

First of all unplug the printer and remove all consumables like paperbox, toner, resttonerbox and drum.
Then remove the right and left covers. This is not that easy because they are sticking very tight. A video of the removal can be seen at here. Starting with the right cover (seen from the printer front), you have to remove the screw in the back:

Yes, it’s only one screw! Now place the printer on the table edge and release the cover grabbing, pulling and shaking on the
bottom-side. I used a big screwdriver as lever from the front:

The left cover is not fixed with a screw, it can be removed the same way like the right cover. After this, the fuser can be removed. The Fuser is connected to the mainboard and the powersupply. The cables have to be disconnected and released from the cable holders:

In the picture above i removed the power unit too, this is not necessary – I was over-motivated 😉
To remove the fuser which is located in the middle of the backside of the printer four screws must be released. Unfortunately I forgot to make a picture of the screws and the fuser, but the description can be found at the printers Service manual on page 3-16. The fuser can be removed start pulling on its right side. Then the printer should look a bit empty and we can see the Paper Exit Sensor in the upper right corner:

To remove the cables from the sensor, it is necessary to remove the High Voltage board on the left site (from front) of the printer. This could be done easily by flipping the printer on its right site, because under the board are a few springs which will stay at there place if the board is removed upwards. The board is mounted with a few screws and a plastic fasting. Lift the board and remove the cable from the sensor.

Now the sensor could be replaced. I got it out by pressing it’s fasting with a small screwdriver from behind the mounting.
Unfortunately the connector housing of my new sensor had not the same dimensions like the old one, for which reason it doesn’t fit in the mounting.
I removed the unnecessary plastic from the sensors housing and the printers mounting with a small file until the sensor fits.. The reassembling is easier than disassembling. The fuser and the covers snap in easily. After putting all things back the printer works perfect!

17 thoughts on “How to fix the Paper Jam 1 error on a Samsung CLX-3175 Printer

  1. Thank you very much for this guide! Fixed my printer for 15 euro and 10 hour work instead of 150 euro !

  2. thanks for the info, it help me to locate and detect the failure, the sensor was cover with dust, once I clean it with air it worked again.!

  3. Hey thanks, I followed the instructions and now my printer works like a charm! I took me 3 hours total, but 2 of those were to figure out how to remove the right panel. It was kind of stuck. My fingers are still sore.
    The original sensor seemed fine to me, no apparent dust or damage. But after changing it, the printer worked fine.
    I used pliers to remove the extra plastic on the new sensor and on the printer’s panelling to make it fit. Doesn’t matter how it looks, as long as it works and in any case it’s hidden.

  4. Hallo Daniel,
    weißt du, ob beim CLX-3170FN der Sensor die gleiche Teile-Nr. hat?

  5. Hallo Garfield,
    das kann ich Dir nicht sagen. Trotz passender Teilenummer für meinen 3175
    musste ich das Teil etwas “anpassen”. Ging aber problemlos..

    Viele Grüße,

  6. Dear Daniel,

    Thank you for these detailed instructions. I just managed to give my CLX-3175FN a new life by replacing the sensor, saving me many hundreds of euros.
    I did break a nail while trying to remove the right cover, it is really a pain to open. It’s easiest if you have someone to help because you can use more than 2 hands. Also, I had to file off quite a bit of the printer plastic and clip off some of the plastic on the sensor (near the connector) to make the new one fit, but if you do it step by step and take your time, it will snap in eventually.

  7. Dear Daniel
    Thanks a lot. From the beginning of the ordeal i was not sure about my diagnosis, but following your description to the letter it all went well.
    Please emphasise the arrows for the two connectors you have to free before freeing the fuser.
    For all new disciples 😉 :
    1.the plastic casing of the printer is the worse obstacle, once you overcome that the rest is easier.
    2.Getting the fuser out is a bit fiddly, but if you identify the retractable shaft on the left it is a piece of cake compared to the casing.

    Thanks again

  8. The service manual I downloaded for CLX-317x have all three photo-interrupters (5.7-21, 5.2-4 and 5.9-1-9) as part number 0604-001095. I will order one of those instead of 0604-001393 and hope to put it in without modifications to it. I will post another comment when I am done replacing it.

  9. I´ve an clx 3175, have replace the sensor 0604-001095, and the problem is still the same – paper jam 1 check inside. I have replace the board on the left side and the right side pba-main, the error is the same. What can i do to fix this error message? Thanks for your answers. You can write in German too.

  10. Hi. Can someone help me with my printer i have a clx 4195fw I really appreciate it. I have the same problem paper jam try 1. but no paper humm thank you guys.

  11. Thanks a lot for the very good manual.
    It has helped to reduce the waste from about 6 kg to 6 g.

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