HowTo login with SSH on a remote machine with Putty

HowTo login o a remote machine without a password using Putty and its Tools.

1. Download Putty, Pageant and Puttygen from the Putty Webpage
2. Create a keypair (SSH-RSA2) using Puttygen:

Don’t forget to set a Password!
3. Save the public and the private Key as File. Copy the shown Public Key into the Clipboard.
Set the Folderpermission to chmod 600 and the Filepermission to chmod 700. this is important, because ssh won’t work properly if the permissions are to lazy..
4. Open Putty and connect to your remote maschine. Create a Folder “.ssh” and a File “authorized_keys”
5. Open authorized_keys in vi and paste the public key from your clipboard. Remove all linebreaks to fit the key in one single line. The key should look like this:

6. Open Putty, load your remotemachine profile and add your userame to the machine name:

7. Add the path to the public key to the profile:

8. Test if you can connect to your remotemachine. You should be promted to enter the Password for your private Key. To prevent this you can use the Putty tool Pageant. It’s an agent which holds your private keys decoded in memory. So the Keypassword is given once, the keys can be used by Putty without entering the pass another time. To use pageant, start it and load your private key into it:

Now you should be able to oben a Puttysession without entering a password (exept once in Pageant).

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