How to get the Garmin heart rate monitor to work after a Battery change

This week I tried to change the Battery on my Garmin heart rate monitor ( HRM2-SS ). The change itself is not that difficult – only remove the 4 screws at the backside, open the cover, change the old Battery with a new CR2032, close the cover and place the screws back. After that the Heart rate was not shown in my Forerunner or Edge…
To fix the problem I tried to reconnect the monitor with the forerunner manymany times – without any success.
A colleague of mine who uses a (optical) nearly similar polar heart belt, gave me the hint to short-circuiting the monitor for a few minutes. Bypassing the battery contacts should cause a reset of the device. This could easily done with a paper clip or by inserting the battery in the wrong direction. The contacts of the monitor are installed in a way that the misplaced battery will only cause a bypass between the two contacts. Be careful: don’ t give reverse polarity to the device – only bypass the connectors!
After this procedure the heart rate monitor build up a proper connection to my garmin computers and every thing works as expected. By the way – i love my Garmin devices!

117 thoughts on “How to get the Garmin heart rate monitor to work after a Battery change

  1. Thank you for this! I was having trouble with my FR220 not recognising the HRM, did the reset as described and it now works. Brilliant, and it saved me either £40 for a new HRM or £160 for a new Forerunner 🙂

  2. Thanks that worked. Shorted the battery terminals for 5 seconds & reinstalled the battery.

  3. Thanks for this tip. It worked on my forerunner 110 HRM. I found your post when I was looking to replace the whole monitor. I just flipped over the battery and left it there the time needed to find a paperclip to be able to remove it. Inserted a new battery. Put the monitor on and it was recognized after a few seconds.
    Thanks again for sharing this,

  4. Thanks! My Garmin Forerunner 220 wouldn’t hook back up with my heart rate monitor either. A properly mangle paper clip did the trick! Thanks!

  5. Worked like a charm after 2 battery reinstalls. Same new battery. Garmin 510 HRM.

  6. Can someone just explain again what to do as I’ve tried turning battery over and I’m still getting no reading.

  7. Awesome was frustrated tried 2new batteries no joy until reset it as described by putting battery in backwards for ten seconds then all good.


  8. I have had to do this repeatedly between runs… augh.. anyone else having to do this excessively as well?

  9. Worked for me too! Took some time until I found this post which saved me from buying a new one.
    I only had to short the connectors for a couple of seconds for it to reset.


  10. I have just replaced my battery the heart rate monitor keeps dropping signal , it connects to my edge 520 and my 920xt watch but keeps dropping connection after about 10-15 seconds, I have tried 2 new batteries and also done the short circuit trick but still not working as it should, it is getting really annoying now 🙁

  11. Bypassed the battery contacts, then washed the HRM strap and it finally worked.


  12. After nearly throwing my device against the wall out of frustration, I have discovered your post. Thank you for this! It worked the first time and my Edge 800 picked up the HRM! You rock Daniel!

  13. Great advice – tried everything for three days after battery change (fellow riders et al) and this is the only advice that worked!

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