Sharp edge on my Mac Book Pro removed

Last week I received my new MacBook Pro after my old one was stolen. It’s my first Unibody MacBook and the design is stunning. Unfortunately function follows design.
This causes in a sharp edge of the case – just in front of the keyboard. So I decided to “mod” my macbook case by rounding the sharp edge with a file. I started with fixing the MacBook carefully with two clamps and a piece of wood:

Then I started to file the edge with a fine metal file. You can see the file laying in front of the Touchpad. After filing the edge I polished it with a polish lath:

And here is the result:

The filed edge is nearly invisible and I’m able to use the keyboard without an aching wrist.
Now my MacBook is perfect…

2 thoughts on “Sharp edge on my Mac Book Pro removed

  1. good work.

    What did you use to polish.

    What file numbers did you use? I tried 100mm, 200mm & 250 mm. These removed the edge but left metal sharpness. I had to use a 500 grit sand paper to make it smooth.

    I have a 2011 mbp. I am thinking of sanding the lid edge too. Also the area around hinge is deadly sharp.

  2. Hello soch,
    i used a very fine 100mm file, which normally is used for gold works
    and only removed the front edge with a few smooth strokes.
    I polished the the edge with old 1000 grit sandpaper which was wound
    around a wood bar.
    My MBP is a 2010 model and until now (nearly 1 year of use) i dont have any problems with the
    rounded edge.
    Greetings Daniel

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