How to get the Garmin heart rate monitor to work after a Battery change

This week I tried to change the Battery on my Garmin heart rate monitor ( HRM2-SS ). The change itself is not that difficult – only remove the 4 screws at the backside, open the cover, change the old Battery with a new CR2032, close the cover and place the screws back. After that the Heart rate was not shown in my Forerunner or Edge…
To fix the problem I tried to reconnect the monitor with the forerunner manymany times – without any success.
A colleague of mine who uses a (optical) nearly similar polar heart belt, gave me the hint to short-circuiting the monitor for a few minutes. Bypassing the battery contacts should cause a reset of the device. This could easily done with a paper clip or by inserting the battery in the wrong direction. The contacts of the monitor are installed in a way that the misplaced battery will only cause a bypass between the two contacts. Be careful: don’ t give reverse polarity to the device – only bypass the connectors!
After this procedure the heart rate monitor build up a proper connection to my garmin computers and every thing works as expected. By the way – i love my Garmin devices!

261 thoughts on “How to get the Garmin heart rate monitor to work after a Battery change

  1. Genius ! Thank you so much for this one – amazing ! Reversed battery, placed in strap for 2 mins then removed and replaced the correct way and bingo it paired immediately.

  2. This worked for me – thank you!! Inserted the battery the incorrect way – attached it to the strap, waited a few minutes, then removed and turned the battery the correct way – and hey bingo my Garmin Edge 1000 paired my heart rate strap immediately.

  3. Solved my problem with heartratee brest motitor too. Thougt it was broken after keeping the brest monitor on during shower. 30 seconds battery in opposite position to shorten the circuit did the trick. Paired imediately again after that. Thanks for this post!

  4. Works like a champ. Couldn’t get the heart rate monitor to re-pair with my Edge 1000 after changing the battery. Re-removed the new battery, inserted it upside down for 2-3 mins, replaced it again correctly and immediately paired.

  5. There is no way that worked! I honestly tried this as a last ditch effort, and it worked! I put the battery on backwards, re-assembled it, waited two minutes, took it apart, removed the battery, waited ten minutes, put the battery in correctly, assembled it, and immediately it connected!

  6. Yep, it worked. I couldn’t get the strap working after a battery change, so I was resigned to thinking I’d need a new one as the same thing happened with my previous one. Tried this method and it worked on both, so now I have 2 working ones, haha! Christmas has come early.

  7. Came across this after trying myraid ways to get HRM to pair as obviously nothing to lose but process really sounded naff. And now, HRM paired with Garmin again… cheers.

  8. OK, so its crazy why this should work but it does. Went to put my HR strap on today. Dead. Not connected and would not connect. Switched the battery, still dead. Found the advice above, flipped the battery over, waited a few mins then put it back the right way, and bingo, strap working again. Perfect!

  9. This really does work. Brilliant. Thought I was going to have to buy a new HRM but this sorted my problem. Thank you..

  10. Wow what a star!!! What a fab fix just spent an hour messing this morning 👍❤️💪💪💪

  11. I had the exact same problem with my HRM3-SS.
    Tried to re-fit the battery and cleaned the contacts. Still did not pair. Then I found this post so I flipped the battery to reset the device for about a minute or so. Then put it in the right way, closed the device and voila, my forerunner 235 found it straight away. Thanks for the tip!

  12. Worked like magic! Bought a new strap a few years ago thinking old one was broken after putting in a new battery. Same happened recently with second strap. Reversed battery on both straps for a few minutes today and – hey presto – I now have 2 working straps!!

  13. It works! Had the same problem after replacing the battery. Just tried it – reversed the battery, left it for few minutes, then put the battery back the correct way and hey presto – connected straight away. Thanks a bunch for the post!

  14. Totally worked for me. Replaced the battery the normal way, and nothing.
    Flipped the battery for 3 mins upside down, then placed it back and the HR connected to my phone instantly.

    Thank you!

  15. That was very helpful and saved me money! Took my HRM to the Garmin service centre, who told me it was broken and I had to buy a new strap+sensor for HK$650… which I baulked at. Then found this fix and it works a treat. So happy, thank you.

  16. My HRM wouldn’t connect with my Forerunner 235 even after replacing the battery (twice). Thanks to your post, the problem has been resolved.
    Great post! Wonder why Garmin does not mention it in their websites.

  17. Ridiculous, but it worked a treat.
    I did 10mins battery reversed.
    5mins with no battery
    Then reassembled. Worked straight away.
    Thanks for the tip 👍

  18. I found my Garmin HRM1G would flash the heartbeat indicator but never display a rate on my Vivofit 3. After new batteries in both, reset/resyncing the Vivofit, the problem persisted. Instead of reversing the battery, I used a paperclip held across the terminals for 30 seconds. When I re-inserted the battery, it worked right away. Thanks for helping me out with the idea!!

  19. It worked. You just saved me however much a new HRM strap would have cost. I applaud you!

  20. WHAT?!
    I would NEVER have expected this voodoo to work. I only tried because of the long list of supporting comments here, otherwise i would never have believed it. And indeed: now my Garmin HRM-4 Run now works once more.. I would certainly have thrown it away had i not encountered this (ten-year-old) post. Thanks!

  21. Wow like others thought it was trashed, worked instantly and connected

  22. Yet another success, thought I was in for a new strap, or that water had leaked inside (mine is a blue garmin swim HRM strap). shorted the two contacts together and it worked. Garmin definitely needs this on the website, who in their right mind thinks they need to short a device to make it work for a battery change??? C’mon, really? Thanks to poster.

  23. Worked for me, with Garmin HRM-Swim that I hadn’t used in years and honestly thought was just broken. Garmin probably knows this, and probably sells a lot more HRM because of it.

  24. This worked for my wife’s HRM Duel. Thank you for posting this idea. It made perfect sense when I read it!

  25. Holy capacitor batman, it works! Many thanks to the genius who figured this out!

  26. Thanks for the hint! This is the second HR strap I have used this trick on when replacing the battery 🙂

  27. Hi, i have the some issue after changing battery. I tried the opp battery placement for
    3 mins and it didnt work. So i tried using a safety pin to connect the 2 battery contact point for 3mins. And it works!

  28. @Johnson, thanks for a hint. Only two batteries rebooted my device and made it pairable again! After 4 months of not using it!

  29. I see a lot of successes. Unfortunately in my case it didn’t do the trick. An about 3 year old HRM-SWIM, hardly used, maybe twice in a pool. Didn’t work. Replaced battery, then found out this post and followed the instructions, but so far, no success. Brand new batteries which might have been laying four a while but with a ‘best before-date’ of 2027

  30. Amazing!!! My HRM Run died 18 months ago. I retired it and bought some cheep hrm on aliexpress, which worked, but it was often loosing contact. Now, I’ve dug my old HRM Run to try this and it suddenly came to life.

  31. Honestly, i knew this wasn’t going to work for me and i was WRONG! Only tried n desperation – if it weren’t for this post I’d have ordered another one. Thank You

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